Fokker F.XII 3-View

I have acquired a decent 3-view of this aircraft. In fact, it is more than decent. I got it from the set of original drawings used by Orlogsværftet to build the actual full-size aircraft.

Scale dimensions:

Wing Span: 2.30 m
Length: 1.78 m
Height: 0.47 m



  • Björn Bäcklund  says:

    I have been searching for drawings of the Fokker F.XII and F.XXII.
    The plans you found of the F.XII do look nice. Can you give me directions on how to acquire them?

    Björn B
    IPMS Stockholm

  • admin  says:

    Hi Björn,

    See your e-mail for a “free gift” 🙂


  • Andrew  says:

    I have been looking for technical drawings of the Fokker F.XII. Are you able to give information about the drawings you acquired?

    Thank you

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