Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah – Related posts


  • Brian Hannigan  says:

    That open area inside the fuse will do nicely for a 3D printed cockpit

  • admin  says:

    Yeah, or we could just 3D print the entire airplane and kill off our hobby. It is only a matter of time before we all sit in front of computers.

  • Carl Hampton  says:

    Very fine work, If you are willing to sell plans I also am very interested in purchasing a set. It is a really beautifully shaped airframe and rather unusual as well. I’d love to build one but am having difficulty finding three views much less plans……


  • admin  says:

    Plans will be available after I complete the prototype build. I have sent you an e-mail with more details.

  • Owen Reed  says:

    A wonderful incite into CAD designing. How is the prototype coming on?
    A master piece.

  • admin  says:

    Hi Owen,

    Thank you for the kind words. I have just started building the thing. You can see the progress on my youtube channel.

  • james  says:

    Hello I am interested in the planes but i don’t see information about them posted anywhere. Will someone please guide me to them.

  • Breandan Hadley  says:

    Hello, my compliments on an outstanding job on this rare aircraft! I would love to purchase a set of plans when they become available?

  • Salvatore Calvagna  says:

    Would love to have a set of plans. Are they available?

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