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  • Gavin Spink  says:

    Hi there
    Will you be selling copies of the 1.5 scale F1M2 Float plane?
    Thanking you

  • Gavin Spink  says:

    My email address correction is

  • admin  says:

    Yes I will, but it’s slow going right now.

  • Gavin Spink  says:

    Wondering how the F1M2 is comming along.

  • LF van der Linde  says:

    Hi, im currenty about to finish a 1:20 scale aluminum static model of a KI-44, as soon as this one is finished, id like to start on a 1:20 sclae F1M2, is there any chance you could send me any drawings or plans?? i would be imensly gratefull.

    Thanks in advance,

    Luuk van der Linde

  • Don Carner  says:

    Have you completed your planset yet???

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