• Peter Hexter  says:

    If you don’t mind me asking where and how did you get copies of the original drawings? I have been looking for them for a project but can not get a copy.

  • John Gaertner  says:

    Hello, That is a plan view of the LBI Danish version of the 504, built under license. It is slightly different in several subtle ways from the original Avro 504’s. Good luck on your project.


    John Gaertner
    Blue Swallow Aircraft, LLC

  • admin  says:

    John, you are right. I am looking into that.


  • admin  says:


    Please see your private e-mail.

  • Gary Mills  says:

    I have been interested in the 504K for some time and have acquired a set of the drawings that look like the LBI Danish 504N plan view above. Unfortunately my copy is very poor quality and the dimensions are hard to make out. I was wondering if you would be willing to share images of your drawings with me. I can send you what I have to compare if you like. Please repy via below email.

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