Levasseur PL-8 “l’Oiseau Blanc” – Related posts


  • Steven Grenon  says:

    In 1986 i found a motor and fusalage in the woods north of kokadjo in maine. For the past 5 years i have been trying searching in the area where i was that day. This years search i finnished searching the area. No luck but, i am going back in the fall, after the leaves are off gone. I think i have it on a satalite picture and it is easy to get to. Its as somple as i went rt. Instead of left on a old logging trail.

  • Thibaud Angel  says:

    your work is very interesting…
    My association is rebuilding the Oiseau Blanc on 1:1 scale.
    Would you like to contact us?


  • admin  says:

    I would love to.

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