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  • hello from Belgium ,
    sorry for the English it’s from school and i’m 60 years old
    we loved the russian Airplane ( my wife was Russian ) PO2 , IL15 Mig3 and try to found the plan of the Rata.
    it’s very difficult to found those plan , if you have something about this plane can you follow near us.
    thanks for your respons
    regards from Belgium
    Natalia and jean michel

  • admin  says:

    Hi Natalia and Jean-Michel,

    Of course I can help you out. Please see your private e-mail.

  • Grant Thompson  says:

    Hiya bud, greetings from down under. Beautiful plane, always loved them. I gree with Natalia & Jean Michel… it’s very difficult to find any plans for this aircraft. Any chance you can help me out? I would like to get o e flying here in Australia


  • Joshua Harel  says:

    I would love to buy a set of plans if they are available. Please advise.

  • Trevor James  says:

    Hi. Have You completed these plans yet? I would be happy to purchase a set.
    Kind Regards Trev.

  • Alexander Olsson  says:

    Is there any chance to get a copy of the reel plans you have of the airframe and airfoil?

    Best regards Alexander Olsson Sweden

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