My electronics lab

Untitled_Panorama1I have just converted one of the guest-rooms into my new electronics workshop. There is proper seating, loads of shelve-space, storage and room for my equipment. I have even got more power-points installed and swapped all the old fabric-covered house-wiring updated to proper double-insulated plastic cables.

The other half of the room is used for storage. I have installed eight IKEA HYLLIS metal shelving unit behind a curtain.

My current equipment includes:

Soldering station
Hot-air rework gun
LCR meter
Audio signal generator
100 MHz digital oscilloscope
6.5GHz spectrum analyzer
RF signal generator
RF measurement rig
High-end PC with CAD software.
Microchip PIC ICD2 and PICkit2
27Cxx EPROM Programmer
UV Eraser

Which I think is fairly OK for a hobbyists rig. In fact, throughout all my years as an electronics engineer in Asia, I have never had this must equipment available before.


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