Why not upgrade your workshop yourself? Build your own furniture, tools and jigs. Here I present my shop projects, complete with instruction-videos.

Parts Cabinet Dividers

Wall o’Boxes

Airbrush spraybooth

Airbrush paint rack

Painter’s pyramids

Kitchen roll holder

Pliers rack

Tool storage

Clamp storage (IKEA)

Model stand (boats)


Instructional videos featuring IKEA products.







Woodworking is a big hobby of mine. Look here for videos and free plans, showing stuff you can build yourself.

Stackable crates

Kitchen roll holder

Wall o’Boxes

Loft ladder

Bin Enclosure


Arts and crafts. This is an area I would love to explore. So far, there is not much here, but once I get the workshop up and running, there will be.

Egyptian stone tablet

Homer Simpson

Huge Guitar

It’s not difficult


R/C scale building is my favourite pass-time. You can follow the design and building of my model airplanes right here.

Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah

Dornier Wal

Fieseler Fi-167

Focke-Wulf Fw-200

Potez 62

DHC-1 Chipmunk

Mitsubishi F1M2 Pete

Boeing Super Stearman

Model aircraft stand


I have been programming computers since I was 13 years old, and I collect vintage computers.

Regnecentralen RC-702

Sinclair ZX-80


I have been doing electronics since long before I started programming, but unfortunately, I do not have much time for that these days. If I do come up with someting electronic, I will post it here.

DC-100MHz Amplifier

Zero-cost F/W update

Rigol ds1054z Review

SMS via GSM Module

Circular LED sign


When your hobby is scale models, aviation history almost certainly becomes a second interest.

Kramme & Zeuthen

Berg & Storm

Nielsen & Winther


Emilie Sannon

Viggo Sylvest Jensen

J.C.H. Ellehammer

Royal Danish Army

Royal Danish Navy