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Berg & Storm III – Introduction

Although I prefer the Berg & Storm II, I have decided to model the Berg & Storm III, simply because of the large amount of information that I have collected. I now have in my possession a detailed 3-view of this plane, plus close to 100 photos.

If I succeed, I might try my luck with the Berg & Storm II. The main differences are the wing profile, wing span and the inclusion of an additional seat in the Berg & Storm III. The additional seat also meant a change in petrol tank location.

For more information regarding the Berg & Storm aeroplanes, please see here.

This will be my first R/C plane with wing-warping.

Berg & Storm III – 3-View

This is the 3-view of the Berg & Storm III. It was created using measurements of the actual aircraft.

The overriding problem is how to do the wing-warping. I could of course construct the aeroplane exactly like the original, but what materials would work? I will need something flexible. The original used Ash wood.

Berg & Storm III – Inspiration

It turns out that the B&S III has already been modelled – wing warping and all. The model is now hanging from the ceiling at Danmarks Tekniske Museum, in Helsingør, Denmark, and looks absolutely amazing, not that it’s going to stop me from modelling it as well.


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