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SAI KZ-IV – Introduction

The Skandinavisk Aero Industri, KZ-IV is an ambulance plane used after WWII in Denmark.

The aircraft was designed and build during the war, and materials were scarse. It is constructed entirely out of wood.

The plane has a really large wingspan, compared to the fuselage length, because it had to be able to land on really short landing-strips, and, more importantly, because  high-power engines were hard to find during the war.

Only two planes were built, the OY-DIZ and OY-DZU. The main differences between the two are: Horizontal Rudder covering (fabric/plywood), Window in door on OY-DIZ, size of slats.

For a full description of this remarkable aircraft, see the Skandinavisk Aero Industry History, in the Aviation Section.


Wingspan: 16.0 m
Length: 9.80 m
Empty Weight: 1507 kg
Max Weight: 2050 kg
Max Speed: 250 km/h
Cruise Speed: 153 km/h
Landing Speed: 120 km/h
Take-off distance: 299 m
Landing distance: 288 m
Engines: Gipsy Major, 145 HP.

SAI KZ-IV – 3-View

The 3-view was acquired. The 3-View is for the KZ-DZU, the first aircraft build. At a scale of 1:5, the model size is:

Wingspan: 3.20 m
Length: 1.96 m

This aircract was STOL, and it has a HUGE wingspan to get sufficient lift.

SAI KZ-IV – Time to start

I have had an inquiry from the chairman of Dansk Veteranflyklub (Danish Vintage Aircraft Club). He asked me to do a write-up about myself and the SAI KZ aircraft, so I better get this model completed.

First up is the wing. It’s amazing how thick the wing of this aircraft actually is.


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