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Hillson Bi-Mono – Introduction

The Hillson Bi-Mono was used in 1941 as an experimental aircraft to test whether it was possible to jettison a wing during flight. The extra wing would provide more lift during takeoff, so that additional cargo or fuel could be carried. The wing would be jettisoned when the aircraft was airborne. The idea was to be used on the Hawker Hurricane, but during testing, the tiny Hillson Bi-Mono was used.


Wingspan: 20 ft (6.1 m)
Length:  14’6″ (4.4 m)
Height: –
Armament: none
Engine: 205 BHP

At a scale of 1:5, this model will have a wingspan of only 1.22 m – nearly as small as the deHavilland TK4.

Hillson Bi-Mono – 3-View

The available 3-view originates from a hobbyist and was probably never meant to be used for building a real flying aircraft. Things like wing incidence is probably not correct. However, since this is the only published 3-view in existence, I will have to go with that, and try to modify any errors on the drawings as construction of the scale model commences.


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