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C-47 Dakota – Introduction

This is the model of the world-famous DC-3/C-47 Dakota. I will model this on the Royal Danish Air Force C-47 that flew in Greenland. I love day-glow.

This model will include the winged skis. Since the wheels protrude out under the skis, it should be able to land with these permanently fitted.

C-47 Dakota – 3-Views

The 3-view is from Bjorn Kalstrom. It looks really good, with many details.

C-47 Dakota – Initial Layout

This is the initial layout of the plane. It’s still not much. Simply trying to get everything aligned.

C-47 Dakota – Fuselage lofted

I have lofted the fuselage. It looks great, and there were no misalignments or other problems with the 3-Views. it went together nicely. The only problem I found was that the width of the fuselage formers were a bit too wide, making the aircraft a bit “chubby”. I will have to cross-reference the fuselage width with my photos, to make sure everything is OK, before I continue.


C-47 Dakota – Fuselage formers

I have cut out the fuselage formers. It is obvious that the sides are a bit too flat, and should be more rounded. I will have to correct this first, before continuing.


C-47 Dakota – Airfoils

The Dakota uses a NACA2215 at the root and a modified NACA2206 at the wing tip.


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