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AVRO 504N – Introduction

The AVRO 504N was an upgraded version of the standard British trainer, the AVRO 504K. The main difference was the new engine, which was bolted on, as opposed to the rotary engine in the 504N, plus an improved landing gear.

The model will be made in scale 1:5, which gives a model with the following dimensions:

Wingspan: – m
Length: – m
Height: – m


AVRO 504N – Improvements

The difference between the AVRO 504K and the AVRO 504N are, amongst other things:

  1. A New” Oleo” undercarriage is fitted.
  2. An adjustable Tail Plane arranged for dual operation, enabling the machine to be trimmed for different speeds and varying loads.
  3. Altered Centre Section Plane and Wing Roots, allowing a much greater range of upward and forward vision.
  4. New shape Ailerons to lighten and harmonise the lateral control with the elevator and rudder controls.
  5. Direct gravity feed for petrol.
  6. Different shaped fuselage section.
  7. 6 inch shorter (from what I see).
  8. New engine.

It is worth noting that the AVRO 504K Mark II was very similar to the AVRO 504N, but with the original rotary engine.


AVRO 504N – Blue-prints

I have the original blue-prints for this aircraft. I will have to remove details when making a model of this aircraft, just like with the H-Maskinen.

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  • Bob  says:


    Please could you let me know if it would be possible for me to acquire copies of the Avro 504 drawings that you have ?.

    Do you by any chance have copies of original drawings for other aircraft types ?.


    0044 7434448023

  • George Kandylakis  says:

    Hi, I have tried to contact you through different ways, I do not know if you have received any of my messages, so here is another try.

    I have an interest in the AVRO 504N for a modelling project of mine. Is there a way I can contact you directly (email, phone or other)?

    Thanks in advance

    George Kandylakis

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