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Orlogsværftet Type F.B. IV – Introduction

I have decided to make a model of Orlogsværftet’s type F.B. IV Flying Boat. This flyingboat was a development of the very successful Maagen III. The F.B. IV had a similar hull, but different wings, a larger engine, room for two persons – a pilot and a gunner.

I now have the formers for the hull, as well as a 3-View and other stuff. I will start constructing the model real soon. I can’t wait to get started. It’s a really gorgeous aircraft.


Crew: 2
Length: 9,63 m
Wingspan: 13,75 m
Powerplant: 1 × 200 hp Curtiss
Maximum speed: 133 km/h
Empty Weight: 994 kg
Full Weight: 1435 kg
Range: –
Armament: Madsen 8mm machine gun.

Please see a detailed description of the very similar Maagen-III airplane here.


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