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Boeing Super Stearman – Introduction

I am just so fascinated with those bright orange Breitling barnstormers. I was lucky to see them at the recent airshow at La Ferte Alais and I just HAVE to make at least two of those, complete with wing-walkers.


Boeing Super Stearman – 3-View

I have found these 3-views online. They are OK, but missing a couple of bits, such as the wheel-spats, and the cowling is a bit different. I will have to deal with that as I go along.

Boeing Super Stearman – Plans

I found a set of plans for the Boeing Super Stearman and bought a set. They were to scale 1:4 and I always build at 1:5, so I cut them up into A3-ish sized pieces and scaled them down to 1:5 on a photo-copier. It worked well, but was rather tedious.


Boeing Super Stearman – Liveries

Stearman2This aircraft comes in so many awesome liveries. I am partial to these two, so far. I think I have to make two models.







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