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Hunting-Percival Pembroke – Introduction

The Hunting-Percival Pembroke was a british-built transport plane. It was widely used, including in the Danish Air-Force. It was used as a search-and-rescue aircraft. The plane would identify the  target at sea, and a Sikorski S-55C helicopter would then be sent to pick it up. This may sound ‘backwards’, but was done due to the slow speed and poor range of the S-55C. Indeed, all Pembrokes except one, were scrapped as soon as the Sikorsky Si-61 Seakings were purchased.


Wingspan:  19,65 m
Length: 14,02 m
Height: 4,88 m
Empty Weight: 4.154 kg
Full Weight:  6.124kg
Max. Speed: 360 km/t
Cruise Speed.: 250 km/t
Range: 1.650km
Engines: 2 x Alvis Leonides 514 på 547 HK

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Hunting-Percival Pembroke – Walk-around

I got a couple of tens of photos of this aircraft on my recent trip to Sweden and am now ready to design this model.


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