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AT-6 Texan – Introduction

The AT-6 Texan was the world’s favourite trainer after WWII – well maybe not, but it was used in a truckload of countries, mostly because it was sold cheap as surplus.

AT-6 Texan – Scale Dimensions

I will be designing the model at a scale of 1:5, resulting in the following dimensions:

wingspan: 2560 mm (approximately 100.8″)
length: 1798 mm (78.8″)

AT-6 Texan – 3-View

My 3-view is from a book from “Allt om Hobby” in Sweden.

AT-6 Texan – Approach

As always, I started off by scaling the 3-views and then by drawing the side and top views. This time there were no major problems with the 3-views, and it all went really smoothly.

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