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Hawker Dankok – Introduction

This aircraft was the first real fighter aircraft in the Danish Air Force. It was a biplane, produced by H.G. Hawker Engineering Co., Ltd. The Dankok was a modified version of the company’s Hawker Woodcock biplane. Three were ordered, and the remaining were made under license in Denmark, by Orlogsværfted – originally a naval ship builder. A single Dankok lives in a museum in Stauning, Denmark.


Wingspan: 34′ 6.5″
Length: 25′ 6″
Max Speed: 143 m.p.h.
Cruise Speed: 103 m.p.h.
Endurance: 3.5 hr.
Service Ceiling: 21,500 ft.
Armament: 2 x Madsen 7.7 mm machine guns.

Hawker Dankok – Documentation

I now have a booklet, a ton of photos and a good, clean, 3-view of this aircraft. I am now ready to start the design. I foresee some issues, mainly the transition between the metal nose and the canvas fuselage. This, and the Hawker Dantorp aircraft, is going to be the pre-cursor to the Fairey Swordfish.

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