Spray booth for airbrushing

Today I made a spray-booth for airbrushing.

The above video is stored on the dailymotion.com website. If you prefer youtube, click here.

The spray-booth sits in the corner of my workshop near a south-facing window and in summer, it will have excellent lighting. Directly over the spray-booth there is a built-in cabinet, and to the right there is a connection for air from my compressor. I will add a paint-pot door hanger later for the cabinet door.

The spray booth consists of a box with a triangular footprint. Each side of the triangle is 50 cm, and the height of the booth is also 50 cm. The back of the booth has a hole for a fan, and the back-plate will be used to hold a filter.
I first drew the booth using Alibre CAD. I bought this program 4-5 years ago, when it was on sale for $99. It works really well for most things. I see a lot of woodworkers using the free program called Sketchup, though. I think I will have to look into that at some point.

Anyway, I started by transferring the design to a piece of 4mm ply that I had laying around. It’s not the best quality wood, but it works fine for this kind of job.

I then cut the plywood to size.

After cutting out the ply sheets, I ripped a piece of scrap 2×4 into square and triangular strips of wood.

I then glued it all together, as per the CAD plans. I had some trouble holding it all in place. Since my compressor is out of order, I could not use the brad-nailer to hold the wood in place while the glue was drying. I fixed the problem with a couple of screws.

The booth is now done, and I have painted it white. It sounds like a ridiculous colour for a spray booth, but it reflects light well, which is important when painting.


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