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PZL M-28 – Introduction

The Antonov An-28 was meant as a substitute for the world-famous work-horse, the An-2. The An-28 has two engines, compared to the An-2’s single-engine. However, the An-2 refuses to die, and it is still being produced today.

So, the An-28 was transferred to the PZL factory in Poland, where it was initially produced as the PZL-An-28. It was later modified to become the PZL M-28.

After the collapse of communism in 1989, several versions of the PZL M-28 were produced, with western engines and avionics. The most common are the PZL M-28 Skytruck and the PZL M-28 Bryza (coast-guard service). I plan to model either the coast-guard M-28 Bryza or the commercial PZL M-28 seen here. I have not really decided yet.


Wing-span: 22.06 m
Length: 13.10 m
Height: 4.90 m
Weight Empty: 4350 kg
Weight Full: 7000 kg
Speed: 350 km/h
Endurance: 4 hours

PZL M-28 Bryza – Scale dimensions

This is the first plane that I make that is too large at scale 1:5. Since all my planes so far have been in 1:5 I will have to come up with a second scale that can be applied across the board for the larger planes. I suppose 1:10 would be reasonable, giving a wing-span of 2.20 meter. and 1:8 at 2.75 m. Here are some famous planes and their wingspans for comparison:

Bristol Blendheim Mk IV1.371.712.14
PBY-5A Catalina1.631.952.43
Douglas DC-32.412.903.63
Junkers Ju-52/3M2.432.933.66
Boeing B-172.643.173.80
FW-200 Condor2.643.304.13

So, I have decided on 1:10. It’s not too big, yet not too small.

This makes the scale dimensions of the PZL M-28 Bryza:

Wing-Span: 2.20 m
Length: 1.31 m

PZL M-28 Bryza – 3-Views

I have so far been unable to find a decent 3-view of the later, westernized, PZL-M28s. I have, however, found a really good 3-View of the original Antonov An-28. In order to start, I have decided to stick with the An-28. This aircraft was used in Poland, up until 1989, and there are many interesting liveries for it. The main external differences between the An-28 and the Bryza are the engine nacelles. It should not prove too difficult to modify the An-28 to a Bryza later on then. So, off we go…


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PZL M-28 Bryza – Plastic Kit

I bought this plastic kit of the PZL M-28 Bryza. Unfortunately it is scaled 1:144, so the amount of details is not too good.



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