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My electronics lab

  • My electronics lab
  • Rotary component storage
  • My electronics lab before the new layout
  • Weller soldering iron units
  • 19″ rack for below $10 using IKEA LACK table
  • Component storage under the windows


Tips and tricks


  • PWM and DC motor control theory
  • Volt- and Amp-meter theory


  • 3 euro panel meter from eBay
  • 5 euro multimeter from eBay
  • ATTEN ADS1042CML oscilloscope
  • Craptacular Chinese 1-500MHz noise source
  • DER EE DE-5000 LCD meter
  • MH-Instek MHS-5400A dual-channel DDS signal generator
  • Rigol ds1054z problems
  • Rigol DS1054Z beyond 100 MHz
  • SMD storage boxes from WenTai
  • eBay PSUs

Repairs and teardowns

  • Soviet C1-49 oscilloscope
  • Phasematrix EIP575 GHz counter teardown
  • Phasematrix EIP575 GHz counter repair
  • GW-Instek GDS-806S oscilloscope repair