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Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer – Introduction

I first saw the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer (Twin Pin) at the Muzium Pengangkutan Melaka in Melacca, Malaysia, but didn’t think much of it. Years later I read about it in Aeroplane Magazine, and got hooked. I then went down to Malaysia again to see their Airforce Museum in Kuala Lumpur, but it was in the middle of Ramadan, and the museum was closed.

In this project, I have used the 3-View from the Aeroplane magazine and I plan to go to England to take some photos of the Twin Pin this summer.

The Twin Pin is a STOL aircraft used by the RAF as a transporter, mainly in Malaysia during the communist insurgence. Later the aircraft was bought by the Malaysian Airforce as well as other air-forces in the region.


Crew: Two (pilot and co-pilot)
Capacity: Up to 13 troops or 2,000 lb (907 kg) of cargo
Length: 45 ft 3 in (13.79 m)
Wingspan: 76 ft 6 in (23.32 m)
Height: 12 ft 3 in (3.73 m)
Wing area: 670 ft² (62 m²)
Empty weight: 10,062 lb (4,564 kg)
Loaded weight: 14,600 lb (6,622 kg)
Max takeoff weight: 14,600 lb (6,622 kg)
Powerplant: 2× Alvis Leonides 531 radial engine, 640 hp (564 kW) each
Maximum speed: 143 knots (165 mph, 266 km/h)
Range: 695 nm (791 mi, 1,287 km)
Service ceiling: 20,000 ft (6,098 m)
Rate of climb: 1,250 ft/min (381 m/min)


Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer – 3-View

As explained earlier, I am using the 3-View from the Aeroplane magazine. I always find these to be accurate, but with very few fuselage formers.


Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer – Documentation

I have now been to the UK to take some photos of this great aircraft. It now resides at the RAF Cosford Museum and it was in really great conditions. I have posted a small walk-around here.


Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer – Status update

This is the status as of today. Basically the wings and parts of the fuselage have been completed. Next should be to add the ailerons etc. to the wings, so that that can get out of the way.

Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer – Rear fuselage

The rear fuselage formers have now been drawn. With the help of some photographs, it proved quite straightforward.


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