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Huge Guitar – Idea

BigGuitarI was thinking of a making an interactive scrolling LED display for the town art-fair next year. One where people could send SMS’es and have them displayed on the LED display.

As a stand for the LED display, I wanted to use a huge guitar, like the one in the picture.

However, I have now changed my mind. I want to make a huge guitar, and mount the LED display on something else.


Huge Guitar – Size

I have been looking at two options for my huge guitar build. One where I use a single 4×8 ft. plywood for the body, and one where I use two 4×8 ft. plywood for the body. Based on the drawings of a Fender Telecaster, this gives a length of either 3.7 or 5.8 meter respectively.

After messing around with a tape measure, I decided to go for a 3.7 meter long telecaster.


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