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  • sean yellow horse  says:

    I would like to try to produce the fi 167 I do mean the full size aircraft not a model or a childs toy yes I well aware that it will take a great deal of money but in the near future I will able to afford it I have an invention that will make this happen but I know without exact plans my idea will not fly no this is not a joke it can happen but I do need extensive help plans and pitorials and then I will have to find an original power plant it can be done !!

  • Eugénio  says:

    I just wanted to say i appreciate your work.

  • admin  says:

    Thank you. I just wish I had more time to work on it.

  • Mikael Vendel  says:

    Hi! I have read your detailed reports and commmend you for your good work! Are there any pix of the finished plane,and perhaps your impressions,experiences regarding flying the model? I am also glad you used the swedish illustrators drawings,since I had some of his on my walls when I was a young boy.
    Kind regards,
    Mikke Vendel

  • Ed Clayman  says:


    Its been too long! In the mean time I have retired as has my building partner in our team
    scale projects. He moved to Kentucky where after buying the top of a mountain to erect a
    retirement home…he’s almost got the barn (code for shop) erected. His log cabin will be
    another 6 to 8 weeks of erection and finish out…deep winter in Kentucky.

    How much more of the 167 CAD is complete? I am most anxious to mill and cut the parts for
    this. What did the final w/s end up being after adjusting the CAD along the development?

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Earlier today I made new inquiries to find the large
    Fred Spring technical drawings. Were you fortunate to have located a set?

    Ed Clayman

  • Ed Clayman  says:


    Have you given up on the CAD Fi-167? Would have been nice to have
    received a reply to my post above. Since posting it I have made an
    additional effort relative to acquiring Fred Spring’s Fi-167 tech
    drawings. Bob Holman here in the States has the drawings except of
    course the Fi-167.

    Looking forward to hearing from you at

  • Kasmar  says:

    A very interesting aircraft and indeed a very challenging project, my respect! Will you ever publish a comprehensive report on this model?

  • Ed Clayman  says:

    Has any further development of the Fi-167 occurred? I am interested in CAD files of what has been developed to CNC cut parts and print components.

  • Ed Clayman  says:

    Have you finished the Fi-167 design? I would like to build it.
    What format are the 3D files in? Are the files available as an
    STL format?

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