Aviation videos

The swede Cederstrøm crosses Øresund in 1910. This video was recorded approximately one month after Øresund was first crossed, and does NOT show the record attempt.

Flygning paa Gaerdet. The French Flyer visits Stockholm in 1911..

Assembling a rotary engine at Thulin’s factory in Landskrona in Sweden – approximately 1915.

Ellehammer’s Petroleums Carburator

Ellehammer Flight Trials (1907)

Ellehammer’s Standard Aeroplane (1910)

Ellehammer Steam Tractor

Ellehammer Water Hoist (capacity 60 tons/min)

Ellehammer Water-Pump (deployment in 20 seconds)

Tachikawa Ki-55 Ida in flight

Viggo Sylvest’s Flying Circus, KZ-II, KZ-III, KZ-VIII, KZ-G1

Junkers F-13

MiG-8 Utka

Filmens Vovehals – Emilie Sannom