Review – Rigol ds1054z oscilloscope

Actually, this is not a full review. For a full review check out Dave Jones’s review here or here. What this is, is my first impressions – particularly the negative ones.

I only give negative feedback!

Now, the Rigol is a really nice oscilloscope with a ton of features. Unfortunately the scope has a rubbish user-interface, and could be even better with just a few simple changes.

Here is a short list of the most annoying ones, but really, watch the video!

  1. Probe cables are way too stiff.
  2. Two of the 4 traces on the screen are blue – very similar blue.
  3. Sluggish performance when 4 traces are shown.
  4. Fan noise is a bit on the high side.
  5. Turning channels on and off is too complicated.
  6. The “Enter” button on the rotary encoder is too sensitive. We need detents/click stops on the rotary encoder.

I also give some positive feedback!

The scope may work up to about 200 MHz, if you can live with the frequency roll-off. Here is a video, and a table of amplitude corrections that I made.

And finally the list of correction factors I promised to deliver:



Drawn as a graph throws some light on this behaviour – it looks like an active filter with a massive side-lobe, or maybe something where the filter-inductor has massive stray capacitance.