Painter’s points

Today I made some Painter’s pyramids.

Painter’s points are little pyramids you can place your things on while you paint them.


I have seen some selling for about US$6 for 10 pcs, but they are not available in my part of the world. Besides, they apparently don’t work as well as claimed. So, if the commercially available pyramids leave a dot in the paint where they touch the wood, I might just as well make my own.


First, I cut a strip of hardwood into a triangular shape. The stip was about 3 cm wide, resulting in pyramids with a height of about 1.5 cm – enough to be able to get paint up under whatever you are painting.


Secondly, I cut 45 degree notches in the strip, making the pyramids.


I got 20 pyramids out of my piece of scrap wood.


I then added some non-slip material under some of them.


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