Category Commodore Business Machines

Commodore PET

I bought one of those in DBA.DK for a song. It has the square point-of-sales keyboard, and is fully working.

Commodore VIC-20

I have two of these. Both with the original square power-supply.

Commodore 64

This machine is a load of crap. It was a piece of junk then, and it’s a piece of junk now. I have two of these, bought from an old dude who had used it for running his shop. It came with a couple of CBM printers, diskette drives and an inventory database on floppy disks.

Commodore 64 WebIt

I have a really long story about Escom and how this computer came about. I bought one from Germany 3-4 years back.

Commodore 128

Got one from the same gentleman who sold me his Commodore 64’s. I got another one at a car boot sale.


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