Fokker F.XII Introduction

This trimotor aircraft was designed by the Fokker factory in Holland. Only 13 were built, two of these under license in Denmark by Orlogsværftet in Copenhagen. The Danish F.XII’s were build during 1933, with minor modifications requested by the customer, Det Danske Luftfartselskab. The aircraft entered service the day after the test flights were completed!

The structure of the F.XII was typical for Fokker. The fuselage was of welded steel tubing and the wings made out of wood. The ailerons were likewise made out of wood, and the empenage made from welded steel tubing covered by canvas. The crew consisted of a pilot and a radio operator. The cabin was 5 meters long and 2 meters tall, and had seating for 16. The exhaust from the center engine was used to heat the cabin.


Wingspan: 23.02 m
Length: 17.80 m
Height: 4.75 m
Empty Weight: 4898 kg
Full Weight: 7750 kg
Max speed: 248.5 km/h


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