The KZ-VIII was commissioned by Viggo Sylvest Jensen for his flying circus. It was designed to be, and later certified as, fully acrobatic, i.e. it can pull both positive and negative G’s. Two were build, and both are still flying today.


Construction: Steel tube and plywood.
Wingspan:7.20 m
Length: 5.85 m
Height: 1.80 m
Wing Area: 8.60 m2
Weight Empty: 407 kg
Weight Wet: 650 kg
Max Speed: 275 km/h
Cruise Speed: 255 km/h
Landing Speed: 75 km/h
Range: 585 km
Ceiling: 5000 m
Number Build: 2


  • Viggo Sylvest Jensen’s Luftcirkus  says:

    […] circus, later on in his career when flying became more commonplace. He had the fully acrobatic KZ-VIII aircraft commisioned. It was completed in 1950 and was flown by the ex WWII Royal Air Force pilot, Peter […]

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