KZ-IX Ellehammer

The KZ-IX Ellehammer was constructed for Sylvest Jensens Flying Circus, and was designed to resemble the Ellehammer Standard Monoplane. However, it has many differences, compared to the Ellehammer. First and foremost, the wings are not collapsable but made in one piece (well two, one righ and one left) with formers and doped canvas covering. The original Ellehammer machine had wings made out of soft canvas over a foldable skelleton. Secondly, the KZ-IX is fitted with a rather powerful 85 HP Cirrus Hermes III engine, compared to the original 12 HP Ellehammer engine. The KZ-Ellehammer was used by Viggo Sylvest Jensen’s Flying Circus. It is now displayed at the Dansk Flymuseum.


Wingspan:12.0 m
Length: 8.65 m
Height: 2.40 m
Weight Empty: 368 kg
Weight Wet: 470 kg
Cruise Speed: 100 km/h
Range: unknown
Ceiling: unknown
Number Build: 1


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